Transfer Free Program

Livermore Amador Valley Transit Authority (LAVTA), operator of the Wheels bus system and the City of Pleasanton Downtown Route Shuttle (DTR) offers the Transfer Free Program. Wheels Fixed Route Buses and the City of Pleasanton Downtown Route Shuttle for seniors and ADA eligible adults 18 years of age or older have collaborated to provide transfers between these two transit providers. This allows for expanded travel opportunities for riders from Downtown Pleasanton to the Tri-Valley.

How it works:Downtown Route Shuttle (DTR) transfers to Wheels fixed route buses: Upon entering a Wheels route, a passenger who originated from the DTR is required to show the Wheels bus driver proof of transfer slip that should be received from the DTR driver. The transfer is accepted for two hours from the time of issuance (or the prevailing Wheels transfer window at the time). Any time in excess of two hours between transfers will require the rider to pay the applicable senior/disabled fare (currently $1.00) for their return trip on Wheels to the DTR.

If the rider is required to purchase a senior/disable fare due to exceeding the two hour limit between transfers, the passenger must show the driver a valid photo ID that displays date of birth, Wheels ADA pass, RTC card, Medicare card, or DMV parking placard receipt.

Wheels fixed route buses to Downtown Route Shuttle (DTR): Upon entering the DTR, a passenger who originated from Wheels is required to provide the DTR driver with proof of payment on Wheels with either a valid transfer for the current date and time or a valid Wheels monthly pass. A Wheels passenger transferring to the DTR must show the DTR driver proof of ADA eligibility and be over the age of 18. Non-ADA eligible riders and persons under the age of 18 cannot use the service due to DTR guidelines.

Transfer ticket information

A transfer ticket is valid for up to two hours after the time of issuance (or prevailing Wheels transfer window). The rider must request a transfer ticket from the driver when boarding any fixed route Wheels bus.

Once the transfer time noted on the transfer has lapsed, the passenger must repay the fare when boarding the next Wheels vehicle or transfer to the DTR.