Mobility Forward: Tri-Valley Paratransit Study

In 2017, LAVTA and the City of Pleasanton launched a comprehensive study of paratransit services throughout the Tri-Valley called Mobility Forward: Tri-Valley Paratransit Assessment. The study was carried out by the consulting firm Nelson\Nygaard.

The following activities have taken place since the start of the project:

  1. Data collection: The Study Team compiled and analyzed data from LAVTA and Pleasanton Paratransit. A public survey was administered throughout the Tri-Valley to learn about existing awareness of services, to understand needs and travel patterns, and to understand where gaps in services exist a peer review was completed.
  2. Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC): The SAC met twice during the study period to give their feedback on existing conditions and potential alternatives.
  3. There were three rounds of Public Listening Sessions, two in each Tri-Valley city.
  4. Presentations and updates to Tri-Valley Accessible Advisory Committee (TAAC), Pleasanton Paratransit Advisory Committee, LAVTA board, and Pleasanton City Council.

The final Mobility Forward report was accepted by the Pleasanton City Council on May 7, 2019 and by the LAVTA Board on June 3, 2019. Among the recommendations contained in the report:

  1. Transfer ADA Paratransit Service currently provided by Pleasanton Paratransit to be provided by LAVTA.
  2. Evaluate continued use of brokerage model for providing ADA paratransit service.
  3. Explore new technology to assist operations and customers.
  4. Enhance in-person eligibility assessment model.

LAVTA staff is working with City of Pleasanton staff on recommendations that pertain to operational changes and service delivery in Pleasanton. LAVTA staff is also conducting additional analysis of some of the other recommendations made in the assessment. These include the potential of a new debit card program for Para-Taxi, inclusion of Transportation Network Companies (i.e. Uber and Lyft) for reimbursement under the Para-Taxi program, enhanced marketing and information for eligible riders.

The complete final Mobility Forward study can be seen by clicking this link.