Measure B Tax Dollars Help Keep the Wheels Bus System Rolling

The Livermore Amador Valley Transit Authority (LAVTA), operator of Wheels Bus system, relies on the tax dollar support of Alameda County’s Measure B to provide fixed route and paratransit bus service to residents in the Tri-Valley. Measure B provides essential funding to operate the Wheels bus service, complimenting federal, state and regional financial support.

“The Wheels bus system helps to keep cars off the road in the Tri-Valley by serving nearly two million passengers annually who live, work and visit our area”, says Scott Haggerty, Chair of the LAVTA Board of Directors.  “We rely on funding sources like Measure B, which enables Wheels to provide affordable and reliable bus service and reduce congestion.”

The two Measure B-funded services that Wheels provides are the fixed route bus service and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) paratransit service, which provides door-to-door service to eligible persons in the Tri-Valley.

Measure B Funding
Wheels service is partially funded by Measure B Funds, an Alameda County half cent transportation sales tax that was approved by voters in the year 2000.  Although Measure B accounts for just half a cent of sales tax per dollar spent, it funds public buses and other essential transportation services that help keep Alameda County economically competitive and viable.  Wheels currently operates three types of service that benefit from Measure B Funds: express bus service; fixed route local service; and paratransit service.  

Express Bus Service
Wheels operates four express bus routes with Measure B funds: The Tri-Valley Rapid, Route 70x/xv from Pleasanton to the Walnut Creek BART Station, Route 20x from the East Dublin/Pleasanton BART Station to Lawrence Livermore National Lab (LLNL) and Sandia Lab, and Route 12v from the Livermore Transit Center to the East Dublin/Pleasanton BART Station.  Express buses travel more quickly between far-reaching destinations, as they have limited stops.  In addition, the buses are equipped with improved technologies that assist passengers in more accurately planning their bus trip, including real time arrival and departure information at selected stops.

Fixed Route Local Service
Wheels fixed route local buses operate within the cities of Dublin, Livermore, and Pleasanton and travel primarily along major arterial roadways and local roads.  Bus stops are placed closer to one another and buses take less direct routing in order to serve more destinations.  Many of Wheels local routes provide service to businesses, residential communities, schools and retail areas in the Tri-Valley, in addition to the East and West Dublin/Pleasanton BART Stations and the Livermore Transit Center.  

Paratransit Service
Paratransit service, also referred to as Dial-A-Ride, complements fixed route local service by providing door-to-door service to eligible patrons who are not able to ride fixed route buses due to a physical, mental or other condition.  Eligible patrons must apply and be accepted to qualify for paratransit service.  Paratransit service operates within the same service area as Wheels fixed route local service, and transfers are available to adjacent programs for regional trips.  Because paratransit passengers receive door-to-door service, patrons are able to maintain their mobility without dependence upon families and caretakers for transportation.  Although all Wheels buses have wheelchair lifts/ramps and are accessible to individuals with physical limitations, paratransit service provides added assistance to passengers.

Wheels is a convenient way to travel throughout the Tri-Valley and an excellent way to build a cleaner, healthier and less congested community.