Wheels Service Changes Effective August 22, 2015

Wheels has made minor changes to several of its regular and school-focused bus routes effective Saturday, August 22, 2015.  The route and schedule changes are as follows:

Route 10 – The timing of the 2:25pm westbound trip has been adjusted, beginning at the Neal/First time point, in order to better accommodate the main end time for classes at Amador Valley High School. It is now scheduled to arrive at East Dublin/Pleasanton BART station at 3:23pm.

Route 12/12X – Certain trips of the 12X and of trips that begin at the Airway Park-n-Ride have been re-arranged within the schedule.

Route 54 – The previously operated 5:36am trip has been discontinued.

Route 70X – The route has been modified to bypass Walnut Creek in the general non-commute direction in order to improve travel times and on-time performance. The service will now operate directly from Dublin to Pleasant Hill in the AM, and directly from Pleasant Hill to Dublin in the PM. It will not serve the Walnut Creek BART station twice. The stop at Walnut Creek will be operated as currently in the general commute direction.  Also, all trips will continue to serve the Dublin Civic Center stop.

Route 501 – A second, later departure has been added in the PM to accommodate the after-school program at Dublin High School.

Route 503 – Due to bell time changes, the PM schedule has been re-arranged to accommodate Wells Middle School and Dublin High School with separate trips. Also, the previously operated 5:30pm trip has been moved to 5:00pm in order to accommodate the after-school program at Dublin High School.

In conjunction with or addition to the above changes, schedule adjustments have been made to routes 3, 10, 12, 20X, 54, 70X, 70XV, 403, 501, 502, 503, 603, 607, 609, and 610. Wheels riders are advised to review these schedules for any changes that may affect their regular travel itineraries.

For more information, the updated Wheels bus book is available on the Wheels website, www.wheelsbus.com and is available at key locations in the Tri-Valley including the Livermore Transit Center, as well as onboard the buses.  Wheels riders can also get information on the service change by calling the Wheels Customer Service line at (925) 455-7500.