PUSD sponsored fares and early/later trips on Routes 605 and 611 end on 10/14/2019

During the solar panel construction project at Amador Valley High School, The Pleasanton Unified School District has sponsored free fares on the Route 605 and 611 as an incentive to encourage students to ride Wheels buses while the parking lot was under construction. The construction is scheduled for completion on Monday October 14. As a result, regular fares will apply on these two routes beginning Tuesday October 15. Cash fare is $2.00 each way and Day Passes are available for $3.75. A discounted Student Fare of $1.60 is available only with the Youth Clipper Card. The cards are available at the LAVTA offices, the downtown Livermore Transit Center or online at https://www.clippercard.com/ClipperWeb/discounts/youth.do

In addition to the fare changes, the PUSD sponsored early Route 605 and 611 buses that arrive at AVHS at 6:40 am and the late buses that leave AVHS at 4:12 pm will no longer operate after Monday October 14.