Wheels Launches SmartTrips Pleasanton Program Along Santa Rita Road/Owens Drive Corridor

The Livermore Amador Valley Transit Authority, operator of the Wheels bus system, is launching a travel conversation campaign in Pleasanton to connect with residents on their current travel choices and transportation options. SmartTrips Pleasanton will work with participants to identify and connect them with transportation alternatives that may be valuable to them. The program aims to let people along Santa Rita Road and Owens Drive know about the new, improved bus services connecting Pleasanton to the BART station. The project will expand residents’ knowledge of transportation options by providing information and support to help people try new ways of getting around, including bus, BART, ACE, carpooling, biking and walking instead of driving alone.


The focus of this project will be to engage residents at their doorstep and through mail-based and event outreach, reaching out to approximately 4,000 households in the neighborhoods surrounding Santa Rita Road and Owens Drive.


A team of local Travel Advisors will deliver the in-person outreach. Travel Advisors will visit households to connect with residents, offering them support and information on their travel options. Travel Advisors will work with participants to address concerns with trying a new way of getting around and to help plan individual trips. As a way to engage people in this program, residents who are visited will be encouraged to request information and incentives including transit schedules, a neighborhood travel map, a BikeLink card or a Clipper card.


Similar programs in cities such as Portland, Oregon and Bellingham, Washington have shown that individualized marketing has the potential to generate more riders who continue to choose transit options for a longer duration than more traditional marketing outreach efforts. The goal of the Pleasanton SmartTrips program is to generate an additional 30,000 transit trips per year in the corridor.


The program is funded through a Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) Transit Performance Initiative grant.