Bikes on Buses

bob1Wheels buses are equipped with bike racks on every one of our fixed-route buses. Now you can ride the bus to your destination and your bike rides for free!

Each bike rack holds two bikes and space is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Caution should be taken when loading and unloading your bicycle, as Wheels is not responsible for any damage that may be caused while your bike is being loaded/unloaded or while it is in the rack. Passengers should:

      • Before the bus arrives remove loose items that could come off your bike while the bus is in motion. Take these items with you inside the bus.
      • Notify the bus driver before loading the bike.
      • Load and unload bikes from the side of the bus nearest the curb.
      • Exit the bus from the front door and advise the bus driver that you will be unloading a bike.
Loading: Easy as 1-2-3


Step 1 – Lower Rack

To lower the rack, grasp and squeeze the handle with one hand while supporting the bike with your other hand. Slowly lower the rack.

Step 2 – Place Bike on Rack

Lift your bike into the rack, placing the wheels in the wheel wells. The first bike loaded should be placed in the position closest to the bus. The bike’s front wheel is in the proper position when it is facing the support arm.

Step 3 – Secure Bike

Your bike is secured with the support arm.

Pull the hands of the support arm out, then lift it up and over the bike’s front tire.
Release the handle so that it rests on the tire.
Your bike is now secure and you can board the bus.

Removing your bike

To remove your bike from the rack, simply reverse the three steps listed above. It makes no difference which position your bike is in. You can easily remove your bike from the rear position even it another bike is in the front position.

  • Pull the support arm handle out and lower it down over the bike’s front tire.
  • Lift the bike out of the rack
  • Return empty racks to the upright position
Bike Racks are Full

There is no guarantee there will be space for your bicycle when the bus arrives. If the bicycle rack is full, the driver will allow the bicycle to be brought inside the bus if there is room in the wheelchair securement areas and the driver determines the bicycle can be secured and controlled safely (low floor buses only).

If additional passengers or a wheelchair passenger boards the vehicle, you may be asked to leave the bus with your bicycle.

Folding Bicycles

Bicycles that can be folded are welcomed on board all Wheels buses as long as the passenger can control the bicycle.


LAVTA/Wheels is not responsible for damages incurred or caused to bicycles while on the transit system or at a bus stop, or during loading or unloading of the bicycle or cyclist loading and unloading the bike. The bike rider is responsible for any damage caused by the cyclist while loading or unloading the bike to the rack and if they fail to secure the bicycle on the rack properly.