Rules for Riding

Riders have responsibilities, too. The following rules are enforced by Wheels drivers.  Click on each rule to expand for details:

Fare Is Fair

Valid and correct fare is required.

A valid ticket, pass or transfer receipt is required on Wheels buses. It is against the law to fail to pay the correct fare or misuse transfers, passes or tickets.

Take A Stand

Move for seniors and people with disabilities.

In the priority seating area by the door, you are required to move for seniors and people with disabilities. (It’s okay to use this area as long as it is not occupied or needed.)

Keep Your Cool

Keep your cool.

Don’t threaten or intimidate riders or bus drivers.  It’s unlawful to threaten the safety of a rider or operator, or interfere with the movement of a bus or train.

Do Not Disturb

Don’t be so loud that you disturb others.

Everyone deserves a comfortable ride. Excessive noise is not allowed. Use headphones if listening to music.

Make Way

Don’t block the aisles or doors.

If you have a large item or package, make sure it’s not blocking the aisle or doorway. On buses, strollers must be folded before boarding and stowed safely away from the aisle. If you’re standing, move back so others can board.

Unacceptable Cargo

Safety of everyone is everyone’s responsibility.

It is against the law to carry any explosives, acid, flammable liquid, and/or toxic or hazardous materials.

Pet Boarding?

If you bring a pet, keep it in a closed carrier.

Unless it’s a service animal, your pet must be kept in a carrier.

Strollers and Grocery Carts?

Need to make a big entrance?

Two strollers or two small personal grocery carts are allowed if there is a designated area behind the wheelchair area aboard the bus. Remember, they must not block the aisle.


Keep food and drinks in closed containers.

Eating is not allowed on Wheels buses, but you can bring food and drinks on board in closed containers.

No Smoking

Cigarettes (and other drugs) are NOT welcome riders.

Smoking is prohibited on buses, bus stops and at the Livermore Transit Center and BART stations.