Wheels High School Ambassador Program


The Livermore Amador Valley Transit Authority (LAVTA), operators of the “WHEELS” bus transit services in the Tri-Valley of Livermore, Dublin and Pleasanton, has had an “Ambassador Program” in existence for 8 years and has proudly graduated many wonderful Ambassadors into their communities.

The program is designed to have trained helpers to assist others in learning how to travel and understand the routes, maps and all fixed route services of WHEELS. We are currently recruiting others to help those who need the training to navigate our system with ease and confidence. We need those special people who are able to help others break down barriers and fears of using local transportation. These special people who are compassionate, patient and who make learning simple, easy and fun are our goals for the Ambassador Program trainers. Anyone can be a trainer but a special person with such qualities is preferred. Bilingual trainers would be greatlyappreciated. Trainers will help to promote alternative transportation and will have the knowledge to give our passengers the best options and the best trips for their needs. Trainers will feel the gratitude of those you’ve trained when you see how confident they are navigating the WHEELS bus system. We hope that when they have been trained, they will become Ambassadors.


  • Download a copy of the application from the www.wheelsbus.com website, under Rider Info – Ambassador Program. See the link below
  • The applicant is required to attend a minimum of 2 hours of class room training and at least 2 hours of onboard training.
  • In addition, you will observe the staff at the transit center for 1 hour.
  • These will be scheduled at a time and day that hopefully will meet your schedule.
  • Upon completion of your training, you will receive a Certificate as Ambassador for WHEELS, presented by the LAVTA board.
  • The board will also give you our token of appreciation; A FREE YEARLY PASS VALUED AT $720.00.
  • You will work with new passengers to assist at least 8 new riders in the first year while spending 1 hour a month on board our buses talking with passengers and offering your assistance.
  • You will be expected to train at least 1 person bi-monthly in the first year.
  • It will be necessary to keep an updated log of those you have assisted and/or trained and mail them into us quarterly.
  • Your term as Ambassador is up for review yearly and is eligible for reapplication before your term date expires.

We truly appreciate your efforts to educate your friends and neighbors in your community so that they may feel safe, confident and secure while traveling onboard our WHEELS bus system.

For any questions or concerns, please call Imani Richards at (925) 455-7500, or email at irichards@lavta.org.

WHAT IS THE WHEELS Ambassador Program


Release of Liability for Ambassador Program