Route 53 am departures from Pleasanton ACE

Effective Friday January 8, 2021, the two Route 53 trips departing the Pleasanton ACE Station will depart when all ACE passengers have boarded, rather than at a regularly scheduled departure time. This change has been made at the request of ACE passengers to improve opportunities for transfers to BART while BART is running at 30 minute frequencies. This change will remain in effect until BART returns to 15 minute weekday frequency service.

Effective Monday April 6 – Additional Service Reductions as a Result of Decreased Ridership

Because of decreased ridership resulting from the Shelter in Place Order, we will be further reducing our service effective Monday April 6 from Service Level 2 to Service Level 3. To see all five service levels, click here

During periods of reduced service, the most accurate schedule information will be available at Under each Service Level, Dial-a-Ride paratransit services would continue to operate but may be limited based on resource availability. Check our website daily for updates.

The following summarizes the adjustments that will take effect on Monday April 6:

  • Rapid Routes 10R and 30R will continue to operate at the Service Level 2 frequencies, on a 30 minute frequency during hours when 15 minute frequency was previously offered
  • Routes 1, 3, 8, 14 and 15 will operate on weekend schedules
  • Route 2, 11, 20X, 70X and 580X will not operate
  • All service after 11pm will be discontinued
  • Routes 53 and 54 continue to operate subject to continuation of ACE service
  • Dial-a-Ride Paratransit, Para-taxi and GoDublin still available