LAVTA Shared Autonomous Vehicle (SAV) Demonstration Project

With the advent of autonomous vehicles and the rapid development of autonomous vehicle technologies and connected vehicle applications, California is on the cusp of transforming everyday transportation, increasing road safety and improving mobility.

The Livermore Amador Valley Transit Authority (LAVTA), operators of Wheels and Rapid bus services and the Go Dublin partnership with Uber and Lyft, is exploring an innovative shared autonomous vehicle (SAV) demonstration project within the City of Dublin in collaboration with the City of Dublin, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, BART, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, Transdev, and EasyMile.

LAVTA expects to begin on-street testing of the vehicle in an area near the East Pleasanton/Dublin BART Station in Spring 2020.

LAVTA’s goals for the shared autonomous vehicle demonstration project include:

  • Provide connections to LAVTA buses and BART
  • Improve trip reliability and safety
  • Reduce congestion and carbon emissions

Fun Facts:

  • The SAV fits up to 12 passengers
  • Initial operating speed up to 15 miles per hour
  • An operator is on board at all times

Pictured below, LAVTA’s Shared Autonomous Vehicle

People in front of SAV vehicle