Eligibility & Registration

In order to be eligible for Dial-A-Ride service, it must be determined that you are eligible for paratransit services under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). A person can be found to be ADA paratransit eligible for all or for some of their transit trips, based on the individual’s specific condition(s).

To apply for Dial-A-Ride eligibility, you may come to the Wheels Administration Office at 1362 Rutan Drive, Livermore, CA, download an application, or call 455-7500 to have an application sent to you. For applications in other languages, see bottom of page. Please fill out the application as completely as you can, including whether or not you travel with an attendant or a service animal (i.e. guide dog). Applications can be faxed, mailed, or submitted via email. Please note that pages 10 to 12 of the application need to be filled out by applicant’s medical care professional. Incomplete applications will be returned back to you.

After we receive and review your application, we may contact you and/or your medical care professional for additional information, and/or you may be asked to come to the Wheels administration offices for an in-person interview.

Your application will be processed within 21 days after it has been received. The guiding principle for ADA paratransit eligibility is the inability to independently use the fixed-route transit due to a disability or a health related condition.

Once you have been determined eligible for ADA paratransit services by Dial-A-Ride, you will also be eligible to use other ADA paratransit services throughout the Bay Area. For more information, please call us at 925-455-7555.

You will be happy to know that you may obtain a reduced fare on fixed-route buses by presenting your ADA paratransit eligibility ID card, a Regional Transit Connection Discount Card (RTC), a Medicare card, or any proof of age 65 or older.

Eligibility Appeals Process

If you disagree with the conditions of your ADA paratransit eligibility, or if you have been denied paratransit eligibility, you have the right to appeal the decision.  To do so, you need to send a brief letter within 60 days of the decision, stating your reasons for the appeal to: Dial-A-Ride Appeals, Livermore Amador Valley Transit Authority, 1362 Rutan Drive, Livermore CA, 94551.

Once we receive the letter, an appeals panel will be assembled to hear your appeal. The appeals process will include a meeting between you (or someone on your behalf) and the appeals board, and the possibility of a functional and/or cognitive testing procedure.

You may bring anyone you wish along to the meeting to speak on your behalf. Dial-A-Ride will provide free transportation for you to and from the appeals meeting.

Application Forms

English Application Form

La aplicación en español