How to Ride

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Getting around by bus is easy!

Just follow these step-by-step directions for using Wheels buses:

STEP 1: Arrive Early to Your Bus Stop

Arrive at your bus stop at least 5 minutes early. Listed on the sign are route(s) that serve the bus stop. Wait near the sign or the curb where the operator can see you.

STEP 2: Be Prepared To Board Your Bus

Be ready to board with exact fare or a valid ticket, transfer receipt, pass or Clipper Card. Cash and tickets go in the farebox.

STEP 3: Check The Route On The Bus Before Boarding

As the bus approaches, check the route number above the windshield to make sure it’s the line and destination you want. Signal the operator that you wish to board.

STEP 4: Stay Back and Wait

Stay back from the curb and wait until the bus comes to a complete stop. If you need to use a boarding ramp or lift, just ask the operator.

STEP: 5: Board and Pay

Board and pay your fare. If you plan to take another bus, ask the driver for a transfer. After, move to a vacant seat or towards the back so others can board.

STEP 6: Pay Attention To Your Stop Along the Route

Along the route, we’ll announce and post on the bus interior display the next major stops and intersections. If you’re not familiar with the area, you can ask the operator to announce your destination.

STEP 7: Signal The Driver Before Reaching Your Stop

When you want to get off, pull the stop request cord to signal the driver at least a block before your stop.

STEP 8: Be Prepared To Exit Prior To Reaching Your Stop

Gather all your personal items and leave through the rear exit door and stand to the side of the road or sidewalk until the bus has pulled away.

For Your Safety

  • Never cross the street in front of a bus unless it’s stopped at a red light.
  • Keep your kids close to make sure you don’t get separated.
  • Wheels buses only stop at designated bus stops.