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Route 2


Local Service

Route 2 currently operates a single trip in the morning and afternoon to serve Fallon Middle School and only operates only on school days. The route serves Central Parkway, Dublin Ranch, Silvera Ranch, Positano Hill and Fallon Middle School,

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E. Dublin BARTCentral & Tassajara Fallon & Silvera RanchPositano & Valentano ArrivePositano & Valentano DepartFallon Middle SchoolCentral & TassajaraE. Dublin BART
7:07 AM7:18 AM7:21 AM7:28 AM
7:39 AM7:46 AM7:52 AM8:03 AM8:07 AM8:18 AM8:21 AM8:28 AM
8:39 AM8:46 AM8:52 AM9:03 AM9:07 AM9:18 AM9:21 AM9:28 AM
4:19 PM4:26 PM4:32 PM4:43 PM4:47 PM4:58 PM5:01 PM5:08 PM
6:19 PM6:26 PM6:32 PM6:43 PM