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Route 20X

Dublin, Livermore, LLNL

Express Service

Route 20X operates two trips in the morning and two trips in the evening serving the East BART Station, the Vasco Road ACE Station, LLNL and the Livermore Transit Center.

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E Dublin BARTVasco & Los PositasEast & Vasco – LLNLLivermore Transit Center
7:39 AM7:58 AM8:02 AM8:15 AM
8:39 AM8:58 AM9:02 AM9:15 AM
Livermore Transit CenterEast & Vasco – LLNLVasco & Los PositasE Dublin Pleasanton BART
4:49 PM5:02 PM5:06 PM5:28 PM
5:49 PM6:02 PM6:06 PM6:28 PM