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Route 54

Dublin, Pleasanton

Local Service

Route 54 connects the ACE Station in downtown Pleasanton with the East Dublin/Pleasanton BART station via the Hacienda Business Park.

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ACE ArriveFairgrounds East Koll Center ParkwayLas Positas & HopyardE. Dublin BARTFairgrounds East
6:48 AM6:51 AM6:55 AM7:02 AM7:15 AM7:37 AM
7:53 AM7:56 AM8:00 AM8:07 AM8:20 AM


Fairgrounds East E. Dublin BARTLas Positas & HopyardKoll Center ParkwayFairgrounds EastACE Depart
3:48 PM3:58 PM4:07 PM4:15 PM4:28 PM
4:18 PM4:48 PM4:58 PM5:07 PM5:15 PM5:28 PM
5:18 PM5:48 PM5:58 PM6:07 PM6:15 PM6:28 PM